and now, the six merry murderesses of westeros

The Lannisters aren’t the only ones who pay their debts.

season 2 + faceless

Sorry for being MIA. Been really shitty lately.

Update though; last night I purchased a ticket to Asylum 12. Yes. I will be going. Again

Bad news. The Hilton Met is fully booked. I loved my stay there last year, not in the least for the convenience. All the other hotels seem to be fully booked too, and since I wasn’t expecting tickets being made available (I’m broke rn cause I spent it all) I am stuck at this shitty little guesthouse way out in the middle of nowhere.

Chuck help me.

Now I’m wondering if another poor sucker (or any number of suckers, really) is in a similar situation.

Staying at the Charde guest house. Holla at me.

PS. I’ll be going alone this year, AGAIN. I think the fact that I’ll be meeting all of these amazing people outweighs my social anxiety and general fear of being alone. Wanna be one of the aforementioned amazing persons? Inbox me.

Deathly Hallows part 2 + faceless